Slacker, a Slack CLI

Slacker, a Slack CLI

When you just need to Slack from the command line: "Slacker" is a simple weekend project CLI interface to Slack. Slacker isn't a production-ready tool, but perhaps it will be one day. If you live in tmux or the command line like me, you might find this a fun, curious little project.

Check out Slacker on github

Machine Learning: Full-Text Search in Javascript (Part 1: Relevance Scoring)

Full-text search, unlike most of the topics in this machine learning series, is a problem that most web developers have encountered at some point in their daily work. A client asks you to put a search field somewhere, and you write some SQL along the lines of WHERE title LIKE %:query%. It's convincing at first, but then a few days later the client calls you and claims that "search is broken!"

The Botanist

The Botanist

The Botanist -- a long-term side project of mine -- is a 2D fantasy RPG intended for release on multiple platforms, including web, Android and iOS. The game features an immersive universe with deep supporting mythology and lore; a relative rarity among mobile games.

The Botanist has its own site and blog, as well as a post on the project's motivation. Releases mid-2016.

On Learning: Expectations are Key

In this series I explore learning -- specifically, why it’s difficult and how to get better at it. Sometimes I'll use science, other times I'll call on my decade of experience and observations on teaching a range of subjects -- both formally and informally.

Learn to Embrace Dinkiness

Last week, I mentored a hackathon for beginners and intermediates at The Cooper Union and found myself repeating the same two pieces of advice over and over again. Since programmers shouldn’t ever repeat themselves, I decided to write it down and share with the world. This advice applies if you've been having trouble getting motivated to take the next step or learn new things often.