On Learning: Expectations are Key

In this series I explore learning -- specifically, why it’s difficult and how to get better at it. Sometimes I'll use science, other times I'll call on my decade of experience and observations on teaching a range of subjects -- both formally and informally.

Learn to Embrace Dinkiness

Last week, I mentored a hackathon for beginners and intermediates at The Cooper Union and found myself repeating the same two pieces of advice over and over again. Since programmers shouldn’t ever repeat themselves, I decided to write it down and share with the world. This advice applies if you've been having trouble getting motivated to take the next step or learn new things often.



Perhaps the only of its kind, morsecode.me is a live, online Morse code radio; the most arcane of chat rooms. Users can communicate with one another only by keying Morse. Fortunately the site also comes with a cheat sheet and live translation.

I built morsecode.me after I learned Morse and later realized I had nobody to geek out with. The morsecode.me community continues to thrive, and I still actively maintain the project.