Crisis Management 101

Bad things happen, and sometimes crises are unavoidable. I've spent time as an automotive engineer, a software engineer, a CTO and a startup founder, so I've had lots of opportunities to deal with crises. I've discovered that crisis management is a learnable and teachable skill, and I'd like to share my crisis management philosophy and procedure with you.

Spend time every day exercising mental health

I think mental illness is starting to become a public health crisis. I know only a few people that aren't constantly stressed due to work or school. I've seen many people fall into legitimate depression and only recover after changing their environment, like quitting their job.

It takes ten years.

It takes ten years to build a successful company.

VCs are good at picking founders. So why do only two in ten make it?

Docker and Kubernetes, in short

So, you build a web app and it gets popular. It needs one load balancer, 5 app servers, at least two database nodes for replication, a redis cluster for caching and queuing, an elasticsearch cluster for full text search, and a cluster of job worker servers to do async stuff like processing images.

Google Cardboard, Stereoscopic Phones, and the Future of Augmented Reality

Google Cardboard, Stereoscopic Phones, and the Future of Augmented Reality

God bless my $20-limit Secret Santa this year for getting me a Google Cardboard. If you're a geek, it's definitely worth spending the cost of a NYC lunch or two on one of these dinky little devices. There's not a ton of content yet for Cardboard -- and most of it is demos -- but it's really fantastic what you can do with a piece of cardboard, a smartphone, and two lenses.