Physics in Javascript: Rigid Bodies -- Part 1 (Pendulum Clock)

So far, we’ve modeled everything in this series as particles. Particles are the simplest way to model something physically, because they only have a location in space and don't have a size or shape. Particles can only translate (move), and can’t rotate. This article is part of the

Modeling Physics in Javascript: Gravity and Drag

This is the first post in the Modeling Physics in Javascript series. As such, we'll need to cover some introductory material. There are some of you who have real training in physics and calculus. You may be tempted to scream "that's not the whole story" at me when

Modeling Physics in Javascript: Introduction

Physics in Javascript Table of Contents: Gravity and Drag Spring-Mass-Damper (Car Suspension, Part 1) Rigid Bodies, Part 1 (Pendulum Clock) Another post that starts with "I love": I love physics. I really do. Once upon a time I was a real engineer (Master in Mechanical Engineering, hybrid car