ML in JS

Machine Learning: Genetic Algorithms in Javascript Part 2

Today we're going to revisit the genetic algorithm. If you haven't read Genetic Algorithms Part 1 yet, I strongly recommend reading that now. This article will skip over the fundamental concepts covered in part 1 -- so if you're new to genetic algorithms you'll definitely want to start there. Just

Machine Learning in JS: k-nearest-neighbor Introduction

This article is part of the Machine Learning in Javascript series. My goal is to teach ML from fundamental to advanced topics using a common language. Javascript is an excellent choice because it requires no special environment to run, and its lack of ML libraries forces us to learn and

Machine Learning: Introduction to Genetic Algorithms

I like starting my machine learning classes with genetic algorithms (which we'll abbreviate "GA" sometimes). Genetic algorithms are probably the least practical of the ML algorithms I cover, but I love starting with them because they're fascinating and they do a good job of introducing the "cost

Machine Learning in Javascript: Introduction

I love machine learning algorithms. I've taught classes and seminars and given talks on ML. The subject is fascinating to me, but like all skills fascination simply isn't enough. To get good at something, you need to practice! I also happen to be a PHP and JavaScript developer. I've taught