I've been teaching essentially my whole life. From my first job teaching music in high school, to tutoring math and science, all the way to teaching professional subjects and even writing books and blog articles, it's always been a part of my DNA.

Starting in 2021, I'm offering virtual 1-on-1 instruction and mentorship for the following subjects:

Individual Technical Growth

If your aspiration is to write better code, cleaner systems, more useful abstractions – or to become a more productive contributor – we can work together in a pair programming environment in one-hour sessions.

Note: technologies limited to Javascript/ECMAScript and PHP (and related). I've worked with many technologies, however those are the only two I can claim mastery over.

Systems Architecture and Planning

If you're in charge of software architecture or DevOps and planning important upgrades or new systems and need advice or help evaluating options, this package is for you. I've extensive experience designing, managing, and deploying large software applications. Our work together can be as simple as a second pair of eyes and a sanity check of your plans; or as involved as us designing an entire system together from scratch.

CTO/VPE and Leadership Advice

Need someone to talk to about running an engineering team? I've been a CTO for the last 15 years, and I've been through the ringer and back again. We can talk specific tactics, strategy, org chart planning, or I can simply talk you down when it feels like you've been shoveling shit all week.


I offer all my services at a flat rate of $150 / hr USD. If we've never worked together before, I require a $50 deposit when you schedule.

I have a discount schedule for anyone who wants to retain monthly or quarterly services (ie, to coach your team each quarter).

Contact me at coaching-at-burakkanber-dot-com to discuss!