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Docker and Kubernetes, in short

So, you build a web app and it gets popular. It needs one load balancer, 5 app servers, at least two database nodes for replication, a redis cluster for caching and queuing, an elasticsearch cluster for full text search, and a cluster of job worker servers to do async stuff
How I taught myself electronics

How I taught myself electronics

I recently wrote the following to a mechanical engineering student who was wondering how to develop practical electrical engineering skills, specifically in terms of electronic component selection, circuit design, and consumer product polish. While the following is an N=1 anecdote I do believe that this approach can work for

Crafting Intuition with Language

Common wisdom says that teaching is one of the best ways to develop mastery of a topic. Why is this? It's the grapple - struggling to meet eye to eye with a student and molding your own understanding of the topic to their learning style. But still: why is this