Google Sheets as a Database

Google Sheets as a Database

Today I'm launching Scrumsheet, a Scrum workflow app. Unlike other apps, Scrumsheet keeps all your data in a single Google Sheet.Does this count as a "serverless" app? Probably; if you consider apps built on Firebase to be serverless, then Scrumsheet is too.What excites me most about this project

CTOs Worry About: How to Hire Remote Engineers

In this edition of What CTOs Worry About I’m going to take a little departure from the norm. Instead of summarizing common wisdom and advice from other CTOs, I’m going to share with you my personal technique for finding and hiring great remote talent.Over the last decade

CTOs Worry About: Remote Work Morale

We’re five months into coronavirus lockdown, and the brief honeymoon period of newly-minted WFH happiness is waning. Employees are demotivated, anxious, and starting to show signs of cabin fever.So this week’s CTO Worry is: Remote Work Morale. Specifically, CTOs are worried about the downstream effects of forcing

CTOs Worry About: Product Executives

At an early-stage startup the CEO and CTO do the bulk of the “product work”: positioning, planning, developing, iterating, and so on.The team grows and eventually they hire their first PM. The product manager works with the engineers (and sometimes with sales) to help flesh out requirements and acceptance