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The Botanist

The Botanist

The Botanist -- a long-term side project of mine -- is a 2D fantasy RPG intended for release on multiple platforms, including web, Android and iOS. The game features an immersive universe with deep supporting mythology and lore; a relative rarity among mobile games. The Botanist has its own site

On Learning: Expectations are Key

In this series I explore learning -- specifically, why it’s difficult and how to get better at it. Sometimes I'll use science, other times I'll call on my decade of experience and observations on teaching a range of subjects -- both formally and informally. There's no single simple trick

Learn to Embrace Dinkiness

Last week, I mentored a hackathon for beginners and intermediates at The Cooper Union and found myself repeating the same two pieces of advice over and over again. Since programmers shouldn’t ever repeat themselves, I decided to write it down and share with the world. This advice applies if

Machine Learning: Sentiment Analysis

This article demonstrates a simple but effective sentiment analysis algorithm built on top of the Naive Bayes classifier I demonstrated in the last ML in JS article. I'll go over some basic sentiment analysis concepts and then discuss how a Naive Bayes classifier can be modified for sentiment analysis. If

Why I'm Learning Morse Code

I'm fascinated by Morse code. It teaches us about encoding, language, technology, and our ability to learn to communicate in a revolutionary manner. Nearly every piece of information around us has been encoded. Even language--human communication--is encoded information. Language started as an abstract concept; we needed to communicate thoughts, ideas,